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Develop Your Resume

Translating military training, skills and experience into a resume that fully and accurately conveys your value to a civilian employer is unquestionably challenging. Your TAP advisor and skills translators, such as the one on, can help with that process.

But there are other resources you can tap into as well.

c3Military Corps Career Connect (C3) has partnered with a SkillSmart - an accomplished employer-driven, online hiring platform - to develop a service that clearly identifies applicants' skills and qualifications, and matches them with the core requirements of employers.

HHUSA Horizontal Logo TMHire Heroes USA: Transforming Military Service into Civilian Success provides employment workshops, transition assistance, personalized career coaching and job sourcing to transitioning military and veterans. As part of that service, Hire Heroes helps transitioning military and veterans create tailored civilian resumes that highlight their skills and achievements, and relate to the specific jobs they are seeking.

HOH MSPN-01Hiring Our Heroes Resume Engine: As part of its Hiring Our Heroes initiative, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce created the Personal Branding Resume Engine™. The online service will translate your military record into a strong resume that civilian employers can understand. Once you complete your resume, you can make it visible to thousands of employers who are searching for qualified job candidates.


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