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Sample Salary Levels

Some people choose a career based on their interests or skills. Others choose a career based on the benefits or location. No matter what your reason is for choosing a career, there are many benefits to having a career that requires a security clearance, including:

  • job security
  • increased advantage of being considered for another position than someone without a clearance
  • greater job opportunities
  • increased salary *

Take a look at the chart below to see what the earning potential is for a security cleared position in select occupations.

OccupationSecurity ClearanceWithout Security Clearance
IT Management Executive $116,935 $86,179
Engineering - Aerospace & Aviation $92,923 $69,700
Security - Intrusion Detection $83,158 $75,365
Engineering-Electrical $80,392 $62,280
Linguist, Translator or Interpreter $70,952 $62,789
Cement Mason/Concrete Finisher $27.15/hr $17.93/hr
Electrician $29.65/hr $23.12/hr
Gardener/Grounds Keeper $28.83/hr $20.06/hr
Truck Driver - Heavy & Tractor Trailer $23.51/hr $18.06/hr
Registered Nurse $71,410 $62,480

Data is based on average salaries in similar positions.

* According to a survey conducted by, among the top 20 highest paid job categories, security-cleared candidates earn an average of 22% more than their non-cleared counterparts. To read the entire salary survey visit:

Data and Research Sources:, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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