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Bad Credit Teens Establishing Credit

Most credit consumers know exactly what they did to deserve a bad credit score, such as getting deep into debt or not paying bills on time. When parents teach children how to avoid the personal mistakes they had made in life, they should also include credit education.


Colleges Teaching Students About Dangers of Credit Card Debt

Much of what University of Maryland sophomore Samantha Link, 19, knows about the risks of getting into credit card debt she learned by watching "The Oprah Winfrey Show.

"I wish I could be more knowledgeable about it, said Miss Link, who has a debit card and two credit cards, one of which she shares with her father, who manages their accounts.


Credit checks for job applicants become more common

Can being late with some credit card and other loan payments cost you your dream job?

Let's say there's a competition between you and another person for that great position you've worked so hard for and your interviewer asks permission to run a credit report.


Salaries for Jobs Requiring Top Secret Security Clearances on the Rise, Survey Says

Washington-area federal employees and contractors with Top Secret security clearances make more money on average than their colleagues in other states, according to a recent nationwide study.


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