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Good Decision Making

"It's just a few songs I downloaded..."

"I really needed to get an A on that paper, so I bought it online..."

"My friend is bringing beer to the party on Saturday night..."

"Can I borrow $20 until I get my next paycheck..."

It's all about making smart decisions. The things you do today can be meaningless little events or they can affect the rest of your life. Your future. It really does depend on what you decide today. It really does depend on what you do today. Cell phone cameras, Facebook, MySpace, bank records, credit reports, traffic tickets and arrest records, even juvenile crimes, public records or records you and your friends create, legal and illegal acts... anything in electronic media lasts forever. You are leaving behind a trail of decisions and events about your life, your past, and present with everything you do... a trail that others can follow.

The unit that follows is about making good decisions and life choices. Read, think, respond, act. Future careers and opportunities remain open based on what you do today. The decision is yours. You have the power. Please investigate all the elements below by clicking on each of the "Good Decision-Making Brain" icons.

 Two Tough Decision-Making Scenarios

 Security Clearance 101 - Part I

 Decision Making Survey

 Test Your Knowledge!

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