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Sticky Situation

One little candy bar.

We all know someone who has shoplifted at some point; a candy bar, a tube of lipstick, a CD, a piece of jewelry, some little nothing, barely worth a buck... or two... or twenty... or $25 million dollars a day in retail losses! Shoplifting means serious losses for retailers, particularly in small businesses where every penny counts. Consequently, retailers take shoplifting seriously and are willing to prosecute for even small infractions. If you find yourself hanging with the wrong people, in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may find yourself facing charges even if the stolen goods are not in your pocket!

Read on to find out how your friends' actions can be your responsibility, too.

 Security Clearance Information

 Shoplifting Laws

 Statements from four Shoplifting Suspects

 Arrest Warrant

 How Lie Detectors Work

 A Conversation Between "The Innocents"

 Test Your Knowledge!

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