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While many of you know what subjects and curriculum you find interesting, you might not have thought of your future career because it seems so far away.

While still in high school, it appears there is time to make a decision; the time grows shorter when you near graduation, or even in college, the time to choose where you want to work will be an important decision.
That word -- decision -- is what all students need to consider for future job choices. The decisions you make today could greatly impact your ability to get a job in the future. Many jobs will require some level of security clearance, which is an approval by a competent national authority that an employee is eligible, from a security standpoint, to access and keep private certain levels of classified information. For approval, an employee has to be a U.S. citizen and meet other criteria, such as no criminal record and solid financial records. Typically, jobs requiring some level of security clearance have higher salaries in all career fields, which is a consideration in selecting employment.

You might think this is not something you have to consider now -- but you do! The decisions you make now could be reviewed later, for jobs such as engineer, construction worker, cable communications, technology and many other careers.

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