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An article on the front page of the Baltimore Sun states "Manufacturing and industrial companies have failed, moved and contracted in rapid succession. But, a new knowledge economy has rushed in to replace the old, helping the region add 70,000 jobs during the past seven years. The new economy is not thousands of people streaming into a factory, and it doesn't always lead to tangible products. But it's no less potent; knowledge workers are researchers inventing drugs, accountants uncovering fraud, ER staff changing lives." The immediate future will also require construction workers, electricians, plumbers and cable installers to build space to accommodate the new industries growth in this region.

Students today will have the opportunity to become employees in this region in various careers, such as engineering, construction, technology, skilled trades, and business management; in many cases those careers could require a level of security clearance. Students should know that making good decisions today, staying out of trouble and demonstrating financial responsibility, will support their ability to obtain a clearance. Positions with security clearances generally offer higher salaries than similar positions in the same industry. Parents in today's fast moving workforce environment can support their student's sound lifestyle decisions, and help students recognize the workforce needs that can be rewarded with meaningful employment in various industries after graduation.

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