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The Curriculum

Project SCOPE has three independent components to make students aware of the process and information needed to qualify for a security clearance. This program has been designed for use by educators and school systems to accommodate individual needs identified by each teacher, each curriculum, and each school system.

While there are three components to the program, it is up to you as the professional to determine how, where and when you would like to incorporate this information into your teaching. Although we have made suggestions, each program can be injected at any time, in any class, under any teaching curriculum. As the professional, we know you will be able to identify the best way to reach your students to give them the information they need to maximize their future job potential.

Suggested 7th Grade Components


Approximately 8 minutes in length. Video is being distributed to middle schools within the State of Maryland. Not available for viewing on the site. Need a copy? Contact your school administrator.

Lesson Plan

Includes an introduction to the video, points a student should look for in the video, follow-up questions, discussion points, suggestions on how teachers can approach the subject of security clearances, and information on how this information can be incorporated into your teaching.

Suggested 9th Grade Components

Speakers Bureau

An exceptional resource for educators and students. Includes people from business and government who will share practical information to inspire students to pursue positions that require security clearances.


To be distributed and completed by students several days prior to the speakers presentation. Results should be compiled and provided to the speaker.

Short Video

Approximately 3 minutes in length. Prepared to provide an overview of the topic of security clearances. Video to be shown via the website after the introduction of the speaker.

Suggested 11th Grade Components

Guided Curriculum Challenges

Five interactive learning challenges related to security clearances. Challenge lessons include: Good Decision Making, Financial Literacy, The Essay, Wacky Weekend, and Sticky Situation. After each lesson, students test their knowledge through the use of a Summary Quiz.

11th Grade Test

After completing the 5 online lessons, students will take a "final" test which will be submitted electronically to the teacher. Upon successful demonstration of subject knowledge, the students will be provided with certificates recognizing their completion of the Project SCOPE course.

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