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Speakers Bureau Participants

What is the Speakers Bureau?

The purpose of the Speakers Bureau is to connect educators/guidance counselors within the State of Maryland with speakers who are willing to share their expertise and knowledge regarding security clearances. Additionally, those speakers who would also be able to share their industry expertise with teachers to broaden the curriculum for students with real life industry experience.

Who participates?

The Speakers Bureau is a group of dedicated volunteers from various backgrounds. The volunteers are here to help educate students on the importance of making good decisions, the ability to qualify for a security clearance, future career choices and much more. A few of our current participants include Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., Wilhelm Builders Inc. and SAIC. We are continually recruiting new participants.

How does it work?

The presentation is supported through the use of a survey which your students will complete prior to the presentation that provides the speaker with feedback related to security clearance criteria. The speaker comes to your classroom with a tailored 15-minute presentation that includes:

  • Real Life Stories
  • Video presentation
  • Explanation of Security Clearance (including survey results)
  • Discussion Topic: "Why should I be thinking about this path now?"
  • Discussion Topic: "What do I have to gain from having a Security Clearance?"
  • Areas of future education studies and opportunities
  • Follow up Q&A

I'm interested in having a speaker present to my class. What do I do now?

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