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Among the growing business community in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area, there is an increasing awareness of the importance of preparing today's students for the career positions that will be available as they graduate in the coming years. Where they choose to live and work will be determined by their perceived opportunities, and our preparation today should encourage these students toward careers in our vibrant area.

Surveys indicate that of the 60,000 new BRAC-related jobs being created in Maryland, about one-half will need to be filled by new workers in a full spectrum of disciplines, with an emphasis on information technology, life sciences, and general management, along with building trades. It is noted that most direct and indirect positions pay well and require security clearances, which is where you as a business person today can fill a need. Our students today must understand not only the requisite skill requirements to obtain a security clearance, but also the character issues associated with the clearance process.

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