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Starting the Job Search

Fortunately there are many excellent resources available. For college students, there is the Career Center on campus. For anyone searching for a job, it is smart to make visiting that center the first stop. When you want to change jobs or are currently unemployed, each county in Maryland has a Workforce Center to help establish the job search.

An applicant searching for a job could be asked about their interests or skill sets. Being able to provide definitive answers about your experience, interests and skills will help others know how to direct your interest for a new job. Vague answers like you would "do anything" or you "really like to work with people" are ineffective and show a lack of focus and understanding. This would not provide enough information for potential jobs and would lead the person being asked to feel there is lack of focus and understanding on the part of the applicant.

To identify a potential new position, research in two areas is essential:

  1. Understanding personal career goals
  2. Where to look for jobs
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