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Networking Tips

One of the most important business and professional competencies a job seeker can develop is the art of networking. It helps not only in the initial job search, but throughout your entire career.

Networking involves mixing with other professionals, in your industry and in other sectors of professional careers, in settings that can be casual or more formal, planned or unplanned and often involving meeting new people with whom there has been no previous relationship. Networking provides resources and expertise for professionals to share information about various business events and news, updates on various types of industry or area developments which could impact jobs and other interesting facts which could affect personal performances or a business’ performance. Contacts may also make suggestions when they have experience in an area being discussed or could offer other resources.

Networking is about building relationships that are mutually beneficial. Networking contacts begin a relationship by demonstrating they can be trusted by showing respect for the other professional. As the relationship grows, each person comes to understand the other as a professional which would make a networking contact likely to recommend or refer a job seeker.

  1. Understand Your Network
  2. Identify your Job Interest
  3. Career or Networking Card
  4. Networking Opportunities
  5. Networking Etiquette
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