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Job Search Resources

To following resources provide information and tools to help the new college graduate and worker in transition during the job search. Both websites and books are included.


  • Comprehensive and excellent "all in one place" resource to conduct research about companies and get job hunting advice Job Searching

  • Job search tips and advice about interviewing, resumes, networking. Provides samples

YouTube - Search for "Job Interview Tips or Techniques"

  • Watch videos to see what to do and avoid while interviewing

Career Builder - Click on "Advice and Resources"

  • Extensive articles and videos about the job search, cover letters and resumes, soft skills needed in the workplace
  • Can post resumes


  • Extensive list of free articles and webinars about the job search and work world

Monster - Career Advice

  • Comprehensive site and multiple articles about all aspect of the job hunt, advice forums, starting a job, workplace issues
  • Can post resumes
  • Watch good and bad examples of job interviews

New Grad Life

  • Extensive free articles and videos about job hunting, resumes, networking, interviews, financial advice for new college grads
  • Job Board - enter zip codes to learn what jobs are available in specific locations


Asher, Donald. How to Get Any Job: Life Launch and Re-Launch for Everyone Under 30 (or How to Avoid Living in Your Parents' Basement), 2nd Edition. Berkeley, California: Ten Speed Press, 2009.

  • Job search strategies that also focuses on life goals

Baber, Anne, and Lynne Waymon. Make Your Contacts Count. New York: AMACOM, 2007.

  • One of the best books about networking, explaining the "how to" strategies to job seekers make connections

Bolles, Richard. What Color is Your Parachute 2011. New York: Crown Publishing Group, 2010.

  • Updated annually, one of the best books to help job seekers with career exploration advice and the job hunt. Featured on

Pollak, Lindsey. Getting from College to Career: 90 Things To Do Before You Join The Real World. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2007.

  • Practical advice and steps for the job hunt and mistakes to avoid

Yate, Martin. Knock’em Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide 2010. Avon, MA: Adams Media, 2010.

  • Updated annually, comprehensive book about job search realities, effective resumes, networking tips, phone interviews, interview questions with suggested answers, and where the jobs are in today’s market
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