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Why Soft Skills Are Important to Employers

Many attributes and personal behaviors can help or hinder you. It is a fact that employers watch everything you do. They observe you to see if you have character, honesty and integrity. They want to know you are trustworthy, that if you make a mistake you’ll own up to it and find solutions without blaming others. They must be convinced you have sound judgment and that you are reliable, persistent and motivated. They must know that you will comply with rules and regulations and have the ability to protect classified information, whether your job requires a security clearance or not.

Soft skills are important to employers because you represent the company or organization. Clients or customers can form an impression about a business based on how they are treated, what their experiences have been, and how satisfied they are with the service you’ve provided. If they are unhappy, they simply go elsewhere. This becomes a bottom-line issue for businesses. Employees must have the skills that will help make the company productive and profitable.

Read these stories and see if you can determine how failure to demonstrate soft skills can create a bad impression or perception:

"Natalie’s Typical Morning"

"Whose Responsibility Was It?"

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