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What Are the Specific Soft Skills Employers Expect?

Employers in all industries have specific job requirements or standards they expect their workers to meet. These standards include both the technical or occupational functions for the job as well as soft skills that create a positive work environment and a professional approach to the job.

Job descriptions may include the soft skills expected or employees may be told verbally. However, this is not always the case.

There are the "unwritten" rules rarely found in an employee manual, but employers will expect you to know and follow them. For example:

  • Don’t expect your employer to know when you are finished with a job. Tell your boss you are done and ask what he/she would like you to work on next.
  • Never say, 'It’s not in my job description.'
  • Don’t wait to be asked to offer your assistance.

Soft skills are universally desired. They not only affect your ability to get a security clearance but often determine how successful you will be. You improve your chances of moving ahead by cultivating and practicing them.

So, what specifically are these soft skills?

Take a look at the What Soft Skills Employers Will Expect You to Demonstrate Checklist to see which attributes and behaviors you currently demonstrate.

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