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Soft Skills Resources

Take a look at the following resources, which will help you develop the soft skills employers expect. Some websites charge a fee for part of their services, but all have free and valuable information and tips. The listed books will give you practical advice about workplace realities, getting along with others, and what skills to demonstrate every day on the job.


  • Extensive articles and videos about the soft skills needed in the workplace. Click on "Advice and Resources"

  • Comprehensive site with multiple articles about starting a job and workplace issues

  • Focuses on workplace issues such as dealing with bosses, first days on the job, workplace skills and keeping your job


  • Freedman, Elizabeth. Work 101. New York: Bantam Dell, 2007.
  • Working with different types of bosses and getting along in the workplace
  • Hall, Marcia. Navigating Newbie-ism: 12 Simple Ways to Thrive in Your First Job and Career, The College Student’s Guide. Severna Park, MD: Parker Stanton Publishing, 2007.
  • The qualities employers value most and how to take the stress out of being the "newbie"
  • Holton, Elwood F., and Sharon S Naquin. How to Succeed in Your First Job: Tips for New College Graduates. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. 2001.
  • Comparing the college experience to the workplace and developing skills for workplace success
  • Post, Peggy and Peter Post. Emily Post’s The Etiquette Advantage in Business: Personal Skills for Professional Success. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 2005
  • Business etiquette and workplace manners
  • Templar, Richard. The Rules of Work: The Unspoken Truth about Getting Ahead in Business. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2005.
  • Important behaviors to demonstrate on the job and identification of the "unwritten rules" of the workplace
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