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Tips for Posting a Resume Online

While hard copies of resumes are taken to job fairs or given to networking contacts, it is becoming more common to post resumes online.

How Recruiters Find Job Seekers Online - The Importance of Keywords

Today, recruiters/hiring professionals are going online and entering keywords to find job candidates. Keywords are the terms employers search that describe skills and qualifications they are seeking for their available jobs.
But how does a job seeker determine what keywords to use in a resume?
First, read through a job description and notice what skills, qualifications or other requirements are listed. These are the keywords important to employers and they will be looking for candidates who use those words.
Then, you can put those exact keywords in the resume to describe your skills.

Try It Out:

  • Go to and put in a job title, business name, or skills along with a geographic location. Job postings in that area will then be displayed. Read the job descriptions and identify what skills and qualifications an employer has included.
  • To determine which keywords are most important, copy and paste the job description into This free site does the analysis and shows significant keywords. Those would be the words to use in a resume to that company.

Resumes without the appropriate keywords will be rejected usually by a computer software program so it is important to recognize and then use the terms employers search for. The more keywords increases the odds of a human resource professional reading the resume.

Online Resume Formats

  • With more and more employers requiring resumes to be submitted electronically, attention needs to be paid to how they are transmitted.
  • Use a standard format to increase the chances that the resume can be scanned. Visit Resume-Resource to read about the most common formats: ASCII Text, HTML, and PDF.
  • Be careful about the e-mail address that is submitted as contact information. Don't use one from a current employer and make sure it sounds professional.
  • Don't choose unusual fonts or elaborate graphics as they may not be able to be read if an employer is using an applicant tracking system or resume scanning service.

Where to Post Resumes Online
Other Online Strategies

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