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Entering the Job Market

Entering the job market can be a very challenging experience. Whether debuting as a first-time professional, considering a change in careers or a graduation is around the corner, searching for the right job and all the preparation to land an initial interview may be a daunting task for some. In today’s fast moving business climate, every advantage counts when applying for a job. Developing a professional and well thought out resume and cover letter and successfully completing the interview process are expected from applicants these days. And more importantly, once the job is secured, professional conduct is a must.

Every employer will confirm that the curriculum learned in school and the skills acquired in any previous position or project are the most important considerations when applying for a new job. Even students that have not been in the professional workforce yet have developed the skills needed to succeed. Employers are seeking those people to fill vacant positions.

In addition to acquired skills, employers are searching for employees who have mastered interpersonal skills - or "soft skills." These are valuable characteristics an applicant should demonstrate during the interview and then in the new position.

Interpersonal skills are instrumental to succeed in any job, These skills are the foundation for a respected employee who gets along well with others, both co-workers and clients, and brings professional work behaviors into their job performance. Employers are seeking employees they can trust to do their job effectively as team players with an ethical approach to the responsibilities assigned to them. If these soft skills are displayed early in the new position, the employer will not have to waste company resources on teaching an employee how to behave so the business operates efficiently, and the company’s mission can be focused on instead.

This section is designed to provide information to take the job applicant through the job search process and provide an overview of the level of professionalism expected on the job.

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