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Speakers Bureau

The future economic prospects for Maryland are bright and it is essential to meet those needs with a qualified workforce.

The Fort Meade Alliance, which has initiated several programs to support our education and workforce needs, recognizes one of the greatest needs identified particularly in this region is preparing prospective employees to obtain a security clearance. There is a high demand for a cleared workforce in various industries sectors and Project SCOPE has been designed to meet those needs.

Many students have expressed concern that school curriculum is not fully relevant to their future career needs. For instance, details about security clearances are not part of most educational curricula. Information about security clearances is important both to students who are assessing and preparing for future employment possibilities, and existing members of the workforce who are looking to switch careers or update their skills.

To assist Marylanders in learning more about security clearances, the Fort Meade Alliance operates the Project SCOPE Speakers Bureau, which consists of current business and industry professionals who have security clearances and can speak about the need for these clearances and the process of obtaining them. Educators and workforce personnel can access contact information for government and business speakers to share their expertise and industry knowledge of security clearances.

The Fort Meade Alliance is grateful for your support and willingness to participate in this vital program.

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