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Cleared Careers

As you now know, anyone who has access to classified data requires a security clearance. While there are different levels of security clearances, there are also many different industries and specific jobs that require them. The kinds of cleared jobs for the U.S. federal government and government contractors run the gamut from counterintelligence analysts to janitorial workers and everything in between.

There are 854,000 Americans who have top-secret clearances; almost one-third of them work for private companies, according to an August 2010 Washington Post article.

And a security clearance translates into big bucks. Having a security clearance can increase your salary - depending on your skill set, the type of job and the clearance level - by anywhere from 10 percent to 25 percent, compared to someone who does not have a clearance. Typically, the higher the clearance level, the higher the pay.

According to the 2011 Security Clearances Job Compensation Survey by, the following are the top earners by job category:

Program, Project Manager - Engineering $122,660
Program, Project Manager - Info Tech $115,702
Sales - Account Manager $120,529
Information Technology - Software Programming $105,207
Policy or Public Affairs $107,499
Engineering - Aerospace or Aviation $99,644
Program, Project Manager $102,910
Engineering - Electrical $95,182
Information Technology - Databases $94,883
Information Technology - Testing $92,534
Information Technology - Security $90,071
Finance - Contracts $82,818
Mechanical Engineering $87,785
Construction $97,613
RF Engineering $104,397
Finance Accounting $77,495
Emergency Management, Preparedness $83,545
Information Technology - Hardware $83,187
Intelligence - Analyst, Linguist or Interrogator $87,145
Law Enforcement $82,416
Human Resources $76,116
Facilities $86,355
Logistics $84,300
Information Technology - Telecommunications $85,552
Security - Guard, Building, Personnel $67,920
Administrative - Clerical or Secretarial $54,615


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