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Clearance Process

The complicated security clearance process "hinders rapid hiring" in Maryland, according a 2009 report from the Governor’s Workforce Investment Board. Creating awareness of the steps to obtaining a security clearance will facilitate better success in getting through the process in a timely fashion.

The process to obtain a security clearance might seem confusing and, at times, overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be that difficult. It can be successfully completed without being stressful if you understand how the process works, the expectations of the person applying for the clearance, the responsibilities of the sponsoring company or organization, and the timeframes during which each step will likely be completed. This will allow the applicant to be a pro-active participant in the security clearance process and the sponsor to feel they made the right hiring decision as their new employee demonstrates a skill most new hires do not possess.

This section is designed to give applicants an understanding of the procedures required in obtaining a clearance for any new position that requires access to sensitive information and data. By understanding the process before it actually begins, the applicant can create a solid partnership with the sponsoring company, which can then expect the applicant to begin work more quickly.

This section provides resources that will help you navigate the security clearance application process and secure a quicker approval. These resources will get applicants on the job faster, supporting our economy and protecting our nation’s security.

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