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By assessing the information on this website, you can become informed about all the key elements of regional employment opportunities, including preparing for a job search, the interview process and the skills needed to conduct yourself professionally on the job. This website also provides a breakdown of the lucrative security clearance from the types of clearances available, eligibility requirements and the actual process to obtain one.

That that knowledge is key to successfully obtaining a security clearance, but perhaps the most important aspect of this process is the completion of a lengthy questionnaire called the Standard Form 86 (SF86). This form details your life from employment and residences to foreign travel and financial issues. And while the process to fill out a SF86 is lengthy, it also is a lengthy process for the government to review it and approve it, paving the way for your security clearance.

It takes on average about 100 days to process an application, primarily due to inaccurate data submitted by the applicant. It’s imperative that you fill this form out accurately and honestly. Understanding some of the errors other applicants have made may make your process a bit smoother.

"If applicants for security clearances spent as much time learning about the process as the average consumer spends gathering information prior to buying a car or major appliance, the turnaround time for security clearances could decrease by as much as 20 percent," according to William H. Henderson’s Security Clearance Manual (June 2007). "Any significant improvement in the way forms are completed would dramatically affect the turnaround time of field investigation by spending less time on each case."

This section provides information and points to be considered for the preparation of the SF86. It also is designed to provide you with a better understanding of the answers needed for proper completion of the SF86, giving you an overview of the content to be included in the responses.

By answering the questions accurately and honestly, you improve the chances to have the process go smoothly and, in all likelihood, get a more timely approval for the security clearance. This is one test worth acing.

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