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So, you’re ready to look for a new job? Whether you are graduating from a college or university program, making a career change or venturing out in the workforce after being unemployed, Project SCOPE provides vital information to prepare you for your job search. One key component of your job search in Maryland will be to understand the process to obtain a security clearance.

Maryland is quickly becoming the hub of intelligence, technology, engineering and bioscience industries for our nation and will require new hires for all the positions being created and those that will be left vacant when other employees retire. Many of these positions will require any applicant to obtain a security clearance. This website has been created to support that process, as well as provide the soft skills essential in seeking a new job. There are four areas to assist in your search:

Entering the Job Market

Everything you need to know concerning what employers are seeking in applicants, along with some financial considerations when searching for a new job.

Clearances 101

There are several different types of security clearances because different jobs have different levels of clearance. This section will provide an overview of the components of each type of clearance, as well as a sampling of the many types of jobs that require security clearances.

Clearance Process

Obtaining a security clearance will be a new experience for most job applicants and this section is designed to provide an overview of what you can expect during the process, how long it will take, what information you will be asked and other key points to consider.

Are you ready?

One of the key components to the security clearance process is the Standard Form 86 (SF-86), a lengthy questionnaire required by the federal government to be completed by each applicant. Data indicates that in many cases, the inaccurate completion of this form causes a delay in granting a security clearance. This section will clear up some common misconceptions and help you fill out the form correctly.


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